Business IT Support

Patterson Technology Services, LLC offers a variety of services.  Our expertise in these disciplines ensure the successful outcomes.  Our devotion to continuing our education, acquiring certifications and industry research is one of our foremost commitments. 


Some of our key tasks performed in our support package include (but are not limited to)

  • Network/Hardware maintenance
    • Registry clean, De-frag and optimize HD (Quarterly), Removal of unused file extensions/shortcuts, cleaning of root drives, CPU Checkup
    • Removal of temporary files and paths that slow performance
    • File Management (data sort and maintenance)
  • Annual Hardware Maintenance
    • Annual Clock check (the internal clock that mains component performance)
    • Complete inventory of all network equipment
    • Diagnostics of existing equipment with status / upgrade recommendations
    • Upgrade schedule presented following initial site visit / data gathering
    • Life cycle estimates – a lifetime expectation for each network component is calculated so cycles are managed proactively (equip. in service beyond its performance abilities.)
  • Software:
    • Catalog all software in use and supporting documentation (binder maintained on site)
    • Maintenance / updates of in-use software (includes OS, accounting, database, etc.)
    • Upgrade management – PTS will check status of software monthly to ensure we maintain CUSTOMER software performance.:  Microsoft Office, OS, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Quick Books, Quicken

There are many other necessary and important elements to support which are detailed further by our Statement of Work (SoW)

There are very specific support issues in your environment.  It is the understanding of PTS that the following list highlights those areas of greatest concern:

Data Backup ~
Backup of core server (workstations backup up server, where does the server backup?)

Data file structure management / catalog
a.  Creation of a data structure management system
Catalog key data files and place according to structure

Workstation performance

4.  Software Maintenance

These areas of greatest concern are incorporated into our Statement of Work specifically for our clients and presented separately. 

 Additional service offerings by Lake Martin Internet, Inc.

Website & Logo Design
Our designs are custom build and in true code with meta tags for search engine crawling.

Desktop Publishing:  Customized templates for your organization (electronic letterhead, forms, etc.)

TRAINING— software and computer
*ask about our graduation plan for your network support

Internet Services
Dialup—DSL—WiFi (currently only offered in Dadeville)

With over 20 years in the telecommunications industry, we offer bid development / evaluation services and consultation for voice, data and premise distribution systems.